The pandemic has resulted in many organisations (beyond their control) making redundancies or putting hiring on hold due to the economic challenges and a future of uncertainty. However a recent report by LinkedIn shows that its not all doom and gloom. Before the last lockdown recruitment picked up again climbing against last years levels before dipping.

Some industries such as healthcare (20%) and transport and logistics (14%) higher than 2019, with other white collar industries getting back to building up their headcount. Where as for others in retail (down 20%), recreation and travel (down 43%) the picture is not so positive against 2019 numbers.

In addition the pandemic has had an affect on the careers of women in particular with many taking on extra childcare or caring responsibilities. Data shows that in comparison with men, the percentage of women being hired decreased during the same period with women over 30 being hardest hit. 

Longer term this could mean exacerbated inequalities within the workplace. With 9 in 10 people seeking flexibility in their next job employers need to do more to broaden offerings and create more part-time or flexible roles.