Dropping costly 'milkround' on campus activity. That's what particularly peaked my interest in this article. 

The purpose of the article is laying out the challenges that come with virtual onboarding, in that it is a necessity but comes with a health warning: 

- lack of role modelling good corporate behaviour

- difficulty developing crucial business skills

- increasing expectations around 24/7 accessibility


Kevin Ellis's comments - PwC's UK Chairman - right at the end touched on a topic that I am passionate about...

Ditching campus recruitment. 

He commented that PwC plan to increase remote outreach instead of relying on the costly 'milkround' activities as this will increase the social diversity of their hires. This is of course assuming there will be physical attendance next year, and there's every chance there won't be. 

I'm DELIGHTED to hear this as, in my experience, a well constructed, brand congruent, socially enabled marketing campaign* will bring the diversity and quality applicants you need. 

Just last year we delivered 14% more Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) and Asian candidates for one client while saving 47% on digital spend for another. 

I wonder if this is the start of a change... finally?  

* do I get a prize for buzz words????