2021, a new year, new challenges and a new era in terms of hiring and recruitment but what will this year bring in terms of how we attract and retain talent?

The pandemic accelerated digital in 2020 with organisations fast-tracking taking their hiring processes and taking their recruitment strategies online. According to recent research by Sage, 24% of business have started using AI for their talent acquisition needs, and 56% plan to adopt automated technology in the next 12 months. Efficiencies for both recruiters and candidates will be key.

This year will bring further focus on digital technologies but with a lense on long term adoption, pre and post hire talent acquisition and a focus on skills and 'job fit'. Eliminating bias throughout the process will also be a key consideration. Balancing all of this with personalisation will be the challenge  - although automation has a role to play how do we automate but continue to make personal connections with candidates? 

Some interesting thoughts........