As we move into 2021, still in lockdown, I'm wondering whether some of the workplace changes that we've experienced in 2020 will manage to stay once we reach the end of this transformative period.

This article talks about 5 cultural trends for the workplace but I feel the word trend can be construed as whimsy. Trends come and go in my mind like fashion. And some of the transformations and adaptions of the last year due to the chaos that we were all forced into, I feel have been for the better and I really want them to stay.

Cultures of organisations have had to change. Flexibility and trust has had to be shown where perhaps it wasn't before. Traditional thoughts of that role could never be done outside of the office has had to be thrown out of the window. Connectivity with employees and how their lives can impact on work has been recognised. No one really wanted to sign up to be a teacher whilst doing their real job, but needs must.

Some organisations will thrive due to how they have handled this time and increased their connectivity with their employees through positive communications and actions. Others wont. They will no doubt see the consequences of this when we get back to a more stable situation. 

Remote working has proven it can be efficient and productive, but also add real value to people's lives. Now moving to permanent, full-time remote working will not be right for all organisations or employees but a blended approach may be better where possible. I'm sure many of us will be craving human interaction outside of our immediate family when we get the chance.

Normal processes have had to adapt, recruitment for one - virtual interviews and virtual assessment centres.

Equally the benefits that employees are looking for are shifting, understanding your offer and whether it's now appealing will be important.

Diversity and inclusion certainly over the last year has come to the forefront, moving from a desirable to an essential. How organisations show they are passionate, authentic and committed in regards to this is critical.

There has been a lot of tough situations to deal with over the last year but I really hope that we manage to maintain the positives changes and retain the human element that we’ve rediscovered.