The way we work has had to evolve at a faster pace due to the pandemic, causing a major change in the way that employees go about their working day. Long gone are lengthy commutes and formal office wear. Working from home, more relaxed environments and increased use of technology have almost become the norm. As we begin our journey along the road out of Covid employee expectations of a post pandemic world may have changed.

In order to attract and engage top talent organisations are being encouraged to consider more agile and flexible working approaches as well as look at how they reconsider the use of their office space and how they enhance their tech platforms in the future. But should we now also be considering how we recruit in the future. With delays to exams, children losing almost half a year of schooling and the fact that students are deferring or cancelling their plans to attend University, the pandemic will have a marked affect on the future workforce and availability of skills entering the job market.

For organisations it might be time to review recruitment strategies to ensure future hiring success. Social responsibility will be key for organisations ensuring that they have a role to play in ensuring young people aren't disadvantaged in the labour market. A more open approach to job specs, widening talent pools and investment in training and development will also be key.