During the last 12 months company culture has never been so important. It is the key to attracting and retaining great people whilst also contributing to bottom line performance. An effective culture prioritises the behaviours that are essential to the success of the business and it should be strong in the sense that colleagues trust it is real, of value and embrace it. 

A recent study on corporate culture recognised that organisations that proactively manage their culture demonstrate growth that is over 500% higher than those that don't. And, during current times, organisations need to ensure that their culture can flex and adapt in real time. 

'Culture' can feel big and challenging to build and create, it is intangible so where do you start? 

Some top tips:

  1.  Put the same care and attention in your culture as you do your brand.
  2.  Be clear on your values and ensure they capture who you really are as an organisation.
  3.  Ensure your values don't become wallpaper, they need to be lived experiences and embraced by colleagues. 
  4.  Appreciate that you can't do everything at once, set out a realistic long term plan.