Apprentices have been hit worse than graduates by Covid-19 in the short term: Apprenticeship starts halved due to impact of Covid-19 whereas Graduate opportunities appear to have stabilised with only a 25% decrease in opportunities.

This deck pulls together the latest reports and studies on the impact of covid on graduates and apprentices, covering the most worst hit industries, the impact on student mental health, and the widening social gap that access to technology and education support has caused. 

Some significant headlines: 

-   More than half of firms (53%) shelving future plans to take on young workers as they adapt to the challenges presented by the virus.

- Volume of graduate vacancies is currently running at 65% of 2019/20 volumes.

- Apprentices are still predicted to reap higher earnings in their early years in the labour market than other vocational students qualified at the same level.

- Geographical barriers removed as home working means students are applying for roles that are based further afield.

- Students from privileged backgrounds found their way past closed school doors where as those from disadvantaged backgrounds often remained shut out when their schools shut down.

- Students report lower levels of happiness and higher levels of anxiety than the general public.

Many more stats and facts in this presentation.