We talk to over 100,000 under 25 year olds, Gen Z candidates every year. 

We hear what they're worried about, what they want to know about employers, how they make career choices, where they do well in assessment and where they fall down. 

This study backs up the most current trend we are seeing:

Graduates and school leavers are evaluating how companies act during the covid pandemic when they make decisions about where to apply or which offers to accept.

As this article summaries: 

“Post-pandemic, now more than ever, young people choose first to work in places that they believe align with their own personal values.” 

They are seeing and hearing how their friends, families, and peers have been treated by employers and it is rising in the hierarchy of importance in their decision making. 

What to do about this? 

These three things are the most frequently implemented changes this year:

  1. - Supercharge your proactive talent pooling activities by eliminating inefficiencies in your recruitment process 
  2. - Make sure there is a dedicated section of your website on how you have faired through this last year 
  3. - Actively respond to comments and criticism on sites like Glassdoor. Get help with this if you haven't managed this in your team before.