I have a fantastic story for you....

Did you know that UK has one of the poorest rates of social mobility in the developed world. This means that people born into low-income families, regardless of their talent, or their hard work, do not have the same access to opportunities as those born into more privileged circumstances. 

When elitism still 'stalks the City of London', action needs to be taken. 

So what's fantastic about that I hear you ask? Well nothing. You're right. It is fantastic, however, when companies make a difference. 

Click the link below to hear Siyana Sivarajan tell her story: how to make a real success of apprentice programmes and how to have an impact on the company's social mobility ambitions.  

At school, she was interested in maths at school but hadn't thought of the Bank of England (BoE) as somewhere to work. 

She started with work experience programme at BoE via Access Aspirations. Now 5 years later, she is running the apprenticeship programmes for the entire bank. 

When asked about the future of apprentices for the BoE..... She had no doubt that it all starts with asking

"What does the bank need and can it be offered through an apprenticeship?"

For example the BoE launched Data Science MSc and an Economics MSc apprenticeships last year to meet the changing needs of their operations. 

And the power question at the end.... "are we building a more diverse workforce through their apprentice programme?"

The answer was a resounding YES. "5 years ago, when I joined in final stage of the application process, I was one of a couple BAME candidates whereas now it is much more diverse, unrecognisable from those days". 

Click here to read more about the BoE's diversity targets and corresponding actions to get there. This is a best in class example that employers should and could follow.