Like many organisations, we are hiring A LOT right now. 

Here are my 8 reasons to join, and 4 reasons not to.

Reasons to join

  1. There are some very clever and interesting folk to learn from. Consultancy, EDI, Tech, Media, Creative, Assessment experts who can chew your ear off about their subject matter, and will, given the opportunity - see point 3. (I recommend that you read some of Simon’s blogs!)
  2. You’ll be trusted to have a lot of autonomy – sometimes, more than you think you are ready for which is scary. Embrace it, and you’ll realise you are so much more capable than you thought.
  3. We love to celebrate. Winning a new client. . . winning awards for our brilliant work. . . new joiners. . . returners. . . babies, weddings, promotions, and regular Thursdays. It’s what many people associate with agency life, and we are no different. Special shoutout to Robert for that one.
  4. People have your back. It might be formally (like through our excellent global mentorship programme - shoutout to Caroline), or informally through gif-laden Teams chats with your work pals (you know who you are). You’ll never feel lonely here on the good days or the bad days.  
  5. The clients! Ah the clients. Solving problems is what gets us out of bed in the morning, and our clients make it all worth it. Whether it's projecting thank you messages on the side of King's hospital for an award-winning employee engagement campaign (Kelly, Lorna, Liz and co - huge respect for pulling that off!), genuinely helping organisations become more diverse, delivering the punchline of an EVP than bring tears to the eyes of your stakeholders (especially when delivered in Dan's dulcet tones). . . Great work is around every corner. 
  6. This is a big organisation (for our industry) and with that comes lots of opportunity. I am on my 3rd role in 5 years (including a lateral move) and the more I learn, the more I realise there is to learn. I'm never bored, I'll give you that. 
  7. We are growing fast and it is exciting. We are partway through a global initiative that connects us to our USA and APAC teams better than ever before (you're nailing it, Zoe), and this opens the door to new global clients and projects. And believe when I say that the headcounts of some of these clients are HUGE.
  8. We are making change happen. I feel privileged to chair our Developing Female Talent initiative and work alongside a fabulous team of dedicated, clever, and hard-working colleagues and our supportive Senior Leadership Team. Last year, we significantly increased our maternity leave pay, introduced EMEA-wide EDI training, created a new leadership competency framework and organized a programme of really excellent speakers among other things. I am so proud of this team. 

Reasons not to join

  1. We’re a proud bunch and that means people can get emotionally attached to their work. Unless you’re happy to invest the extra time to be consultative and take people on a journey with you, you’ll find it hard to get things done and this might not be the place for you.
  2. As I said, this is a big organisation and we deliver some huge projects/accounts so we need process and ways of working to get things done. There is no hiding from that and it's actually mighty impressive to see our Delivery team in action. If your approach is ‘my way or the highway’, you will hit roadblocks. And be unpopular.
  3. Clients come first and that means we can sometimes be slow to follow our own advice. We are working hard to fix that though, and there are lots of people committed to making us the perfect case study for our products and services (and that’s a cool thing to be part of, actually).
  4. We are really busy right now. That sounds like a good thing for a business, especially after the pandemic. But the reality is that people are tired. If you are looking for an easy ride, I am afraid that this is not that. (We are powering through though – and imagine how happy everyone will be to welcome our new joiners!!)

Curious? Get in touch with me via email ( to discuss any of the below:

👉Project Manager (x2) - Nationwide (flexible)
👉 Client Relationship Director - Nationwide (flexible)
👉 RPO Solutions Architect - Nationwide (flexible)
👉 Client Executive - Home based
👉 Senior recruiter - Nationwide (flexible)
👉 Campaign Executive - London
👉 EMEA Product Manager - London
👉 Trainee Media Administrator - London
👉 Recruitment Coordinator - Bristol
👉 Senior Recruitment Coordinator - Nationwide (flexible)
👉 Assistant Financial Accountant - Home based