. . . Ask Vlogger Vee!

When our client, the Civil Service Fast Stream (CSFS) came to us asking how we could get their opportunities in front of a wider audience we jumped at the chance to do something bold and different. 

Client Relationship Director Gemma Player sent a brief into our Ideation group - a team including Creatives, Media experts and Strategists to discuss the challenges that organizations like CSFS face today. Challenges such as:

  • A need to build awareness among audiences that are currently under-represented; 
  • A desire to change perception about who can be successful in securing a place on the programme; and 
  • Dispelling myths about the type of work they do and what day to day life is like for employees. 

Our idea was to redefine the classic "day in a life" content seen across the websites and social media channels of many graduate recruiters. While a useful resource in it's own right, we felt that these video were often over-polished and inauthentic with too much of a focus on "the right things to say" rather than speaking from the heart. 

We knew that we needed to create a format that was more engaging and more accessible. 

That's when we got in touch with our friend at HYPE Collective who introduced us to Vee, student influencer and superstar content creator in the careers and education space. 

We sent Vee off to spend time with three Fast Streamers and challenged her to be really curious around what it is really like to work for the Civil Service. 

The result? 

A video that in it's first week had 25,000 views from the audience that CSFS wanted to engage with.

While it's too early to report on the application numbers, the comments speak for themselves:

"I think what Josh said about preparing your inner confidence is something that everyone should do for every career opportunity. Learn from your experienced colleagues and know that you also have something to add and you're there for a reason. Great conversations Vee."

"As someone who just started sixth form and is currently studying BTEC Public services in hopes of being a Civil Servant, this was incredibly helpful!!"

"What a lovely video :D I hope people see this and continue to be curious about their careers, great job Vee!"

"As someone who’s thinking about maybe going into the civil service, thank you so much this is so helpful!! 💛"

"Love this!! I’m doing Public Management and Governance, and I’m in my first year. I’m so inspired!"

"Such an amazing video Vee! super informative and I love the positive approach to a more diverse civil service."

Check out the video here: A Day in The Life of a 23 year old Civil Servant (on the Fast Stream) - YouTube 

And, stay tuned for more content across the Civil Service social channels.