A poll from PeopleScout highlights that employers across the UK - and in most sectors - are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of new starters who simply don't turn up on day one. 

With candidates very much in the driving seat, employers are seeing a significant rise in the number of drop outs - with many volume recruitment employers now over-recruiting by up to 30% to ensure the required number of actual starters.

Reasons are varied - from counter-offers and accepting multiple offers through to lack of brand or hiring manager engagement as many employers look to simplify and streamline recruitment processes in a race to shorten time to hire. 

As a result investment in recruitment marketing is rising - by up to 50% per role in some industries - as employers look for increasingly creative ways to broaden their reach and tap into new hiring communities, together with an increased focus on internal mobility and staff engagement.

And with the economic boom anticipated to continue for the rest of 2022 and beyond, I sense that talent pipelines are only going to get tighter.